Family Lawyers

Our family lawyers are located in our family and divorce law section, which is located in the Perth CBD opposite the Family Court of Western Australia making it easy to meet with our clients before going to court.

Of our family law team, two are Accredited Family Law Specialists. This means that they have undertaken additional specific and complex family law training to assist you in dealing with your divorce, property settlement or other children’s issues.

When do you need assistance from a Culshaw Miller Lawyers family lawyer?

When the situation you are in may be one or more of the following:


It is a common misconception that upon the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage, parties need ‘divorce lawyers’ or ‘divorce solicitors’ – those being the common terms used. The general use of the word ‘divorce’ is not exactly what the Family Court formally terms as a ‘divorce’  however, and divorce itself is only one facet of family law.

If you need assistance with an Application for Divorce, it may also be possible that you are looking for assistance in a property settlement, financial settlement, in child support and in looking after your child’s needs.

Property Settlements and Financial Settlements
  • Married;
  • De facto couples; and
  • Same sex de facto couples.
Family Court of Western Australia
  • Applications;
  • Hearings;
  • Conferences; and
  • Trials.
Consent Order applications

With a strong focus on collaborative law and mediation, our family lawyers hope to assist clients to resolve their disputes as quickly and effectively as possible, and Consent Order applications can be a straightforward way of doing this. We can assist you with this process.

Children’s Matters
  • Parenting arrangements including spend time arrangements (previously known as contact and residence);
  • Maintenance;
  • Child support agreements; and
  • Child support disputes.
Spousal & De Facto Maintenance
International Child Recovery Matters
  • Hague Convention.
Adoption Matters
Surrogacy Matters
Binding Financial Agreements
  • Married;
  • De facto;
  • Same sex de facto couples;
  • Pre-nuptial agreements; and
  • Financial agreements after separation.
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