Advocacy & Counsel Services

Unlike other Australian states, South Australia has a ‘fused’ legal profession which means that lawyers can operate both as solicitors and counsel (or barristers).

Counsel are specialist advocates – the lawyer who appears on your behalf in Court.

Counsel appear frequently in Court and before Tribunals to argue legal cases on behalf of their clients. Counsel have a expertise of legal strategy and dispute resolution whether it be in Court or a mediation setting.

CM Family Law Advocacy & Counsel Services operates with an experienced team offering in-house Counsel and Advocacy services to private clients of Culshaw Miller Lawyers and other law firms in:

  • Family Law;
  • and Criminal Law.

The team operates ‘in-house’ and on an ‘as needs basis’ to provide these services.

Our Counsel at CM, can either accept instructions directly from a client or other law firm to act as a barrister (‘direct briefing’), but more often than not will receive those instructions as Counsel from a retained or ‘instructing’ solicitor – whether that be Culshaw Miller Divorce & Family Lawyers or another law firm.

CM Family Law Advocacy & Counsel Services provides specialized services in:

  • Appearances at directions hearings, conciliation conferences, summary proceedings, trials as well as appeals;
  • Providing advice, opinion and strategy in all family law and criminal matters;
  • Acting as mediators, arbitrators or facilitators in an ADR setting.


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