Buying a Property? Yes you do need a Lawyer!

Regardless of whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, buying and selling property can be a complex and at times, overwhelming process that can potentially have significant implications if done incorrectly or without due diligence.

It is essential that you choose a solicitor or settlement agent that is right for you and who will keep you informed throughout the whole settlement process.  Settlement agents are unable to provide legal advice, therefore, should a dispute arise it is important that you appoint a solicitor at the earliest opportunity to give you sound practical legal advice on your contractual rights and obligations.

In our experience, many of the problems that arise in the settlement process could have been avoided if the parties had obtained appropriate legal advice prior to entering into the contract. If we could offer one piece of advice to anybody that is considering buying or selling property, it would be that you should obtain advice on the contract as soon as possible and in all circumstances prior to signing.

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