Relocating with your Children

Have you separated from your partner and are you thinking of  relocating with your Children.  This question affects many parents after a separation and applying for a Relocation Order in the Family Court is a difficult area of the law to navigate without specialist legal guidance.

Foremost in any decision by a Family Court is whether the proposed relocation is going to be in the best interests of a child.  Although each case is different, there is a common thread that the Court system looks at
in determining whether relocation is permitted.


Estate Planning – Why is it so important?

Estate Planning – Why is it so important for planning for the unexpected during your lifetime by appointing people you trust to make financial and personal decisions for you if you have an accident, become ill or incapacitated, and planning what will happen to your property upon your death.

A Will is essential for every adult with assets (including superannuation). The Will is the document by which the Will-maker appoints a person to administer the estate after they pass away (the Executor), and specifies who will receive the estate (the beneficiaries).


Family Law – Financial Agreements

Family Law – Financial Agreements were introduced into the Australian Family Law System in 2002 and now have applicability across all relationship breakdowns in Australia.

What is a Financial Agreement?

A Financial Agreement is an agreement between two parties to a relationship (either marital or defacto in nature) which can be made at three distinct stages of the relationship. A Financial Agreement can be made before a relationship commences (a pre-nuptial type agreement), during a relationship or after a relationship has come to an end.


Wills Amendment Act

The Wills Act 1970 was amended by the Wills Amendment Act 2007. The amendments came into effect on 9 February 2008.

One major change in the Act was the insertion of section 14A which states that a Will shall be revoked upon the ending of a Testator’s marriage unless, pursuant to subsection 2 of that section, a contrary intention appears in the Will or there is other evidence establishing that intention.