Culshaw Miller Lawyers Quality Assured for 15 Years!

Not many law firms in Perth can say that they have been a Law Society of Western Australia Accredited Quality Practice for the last 15 years, but we can! 

Having been such long standing providers of legal services in the community of Perth has allowed us to really understand our clients needs and standardise our practices to ensure that you are receiving a superior level of quality of service.  When you are dealing with a legal situation you require your lawyers to understand and provide a quality and consistent service in a timely manner. You can rely on Culshaw Miller Lawyers to do this, no matter what your legal issue is.

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Below is an explanation of the Law Society’s Quality Practice Standard.

Culshaw Miller Lawyers is a Quality Practice Accredited practice. The Law Society of Western Australia developed the Quality Practice Standard in to recognise WA Lawyers who have committed to bring consistent and superior service standards to their clients by setting out and implementing procedures and practices to the standard which the Law Society of WA has deemed appropriate.

As a practice, we went through a through a long and timely process of reviewing our procedures and practices, streamlining processes and implementing new procedures to make our services consistent. This ensures that we deliver a constant level of service to our clients.

Since accredited in 1997, our practice has been audited to ensure that we are adhering to the standards of the Accreditation and compliant with the standards. The Law Society of Western Australia has set out this Standard to go far beyond the service standards set out by State Legislation and Regulations which means that we need to maintain consistency in our internal practices and provide our clients with a higher level of service.

Accreditation means that clients are assured of a high standard of service throughout their matter.

We have adopted an ongoing client feedback system to ensure that our clients are getting the optimum service.

To find out more about the Quality Practice Standard please check the Law Society of WA website