Magistrates Court Appearances for summary or “either way” offences
Our experienced criminal lawyers will offer preliminary advice on your case and will assist an experienced barrister to prepare your case.

We will also represent you at your first appearance and advise on criminal law issues such as bail and entering a plea of guilty or not guilty.

Our criminal lawyers can assist you to do the following:
• obtain disclosure documents
• advise on possible sentence
• advise on spent conviction orders, suspended terms of imprisonment,community based orders
• advise on your plea of guilty or not guilty
• prepare your plea in mitigation
• prepare your defence
• assist you to apply for an extraordinary driver’s licence
• refer you to other experts or services such as counselling or rehab as required.

Diversion Court programmes:
Family Violence Court, Drug Court and Mental Health Court

We can assist by requesting the court to consider you as a candidate for the CourtDiversion Programmes and can advise and represent you while you are involved in a programme.

Serious Indictable Offences
It is very important to seek advice on how serious your charges and how to prepare your case.

If you have been arrested or are in custody in prison and need legal representation contact our team and we will make arrangements to speak with you as soon as possible.

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If you live in South Australia, our Adelaide office has a dedicated team of criminal lawyers that can help you with a court defence.